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Defense verdict for ITKC client sued in alleged unfair competition and business tort lawsuit

ITKC client Bruce Chalmers, along with two other co-defendants, were sued on 15 causes of action, including claims for unfair competition, intentional inference with economic advantage, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and conversion in the case of Pneuma International, Inc. v. Yong Kwon Cho, et al. (ASC HG 15-756006). Plaintiff alleged that Defendants engaged in conduct which interfered with Plaintiff’s business relationships with vendors and customers and caused disruption to Plaintiff’s business website and email domain. Chalmers in turn, brought a cross-complaint for affirmative relief against Pneuma International, Inc. alleging breach of an investment/shareholder agreement based on Pneuma’s failure to deliver and honor shares in the company purchased by Chalmers under that agreement, to pay him commissions from sales to two customers introduced by him to the company, and to make additional profit-sharing payments required under the agreement.   


Following a three week long bench trial before the Alameda Superior Court Judge Jo-Lynne Lee, ITKC obtained a complete defense verdict on behalf of defendant Chalmers on all causes of action and in the cross-action an award of $219,638.37 damages, plus attorney’s fees and costs.

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